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Art / Photography

Sir Wilfred Patrick Thesiger

Posted in Art / Photography, Names on March 31st, 2010 by admin – Be the first to comment

It’s the DRIEST heat - a swelter.

His shirt, his dish-dash is wet with sweat.

The head-gear stick to the head!

The dirt is thick!

With great thirst, this drifter walked the desert.

Pack, walk, ride, write. Pack, walk, ride, write.

Write pages. Read. Take great pics!



Spit. Take leaks. Crap. Strip. Sleep.

Realise that while at war, this artist created theatre.

His stage is the desert - he directs, he is the star.

The first act he sips tea with a sheik.

He takes a desert walk - a rare passage, a rare trek - with a sheik.

As this white takes this risk, he has their respect.

He faces the facts, he writes the facts.

This artist respects what he sees as the perfect life - WILD DESERT PEACE.

He has raw pride.

A pacifist at heart - a wild desert street priest preach peace - the desert is his escape.

The price is cheap.

He felt safe as he respected desert life.

He is sick with grief, fright, fear, he wipes sweat as he faces war, sees deaths at war - East Africa.

He wept, reacted with fright as he knew the raped, he knew the rapist.

At a war site, he faked his death. He fled.

The desert spark his artistic fire.

He writes pages that are read far, wide.

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Michael Francis Moore

Posted in Art / Photography, Names, Politics on March 6th, 2010 by admin – Be the first to comment

Michael Moore is a fisher of men.

As he faces fears, he frees men from false fears.

As he cares for REAL AMERICANS, from his camera, from his film reels come fresh frames.

He feels fears of Americans, he faces fears for Americans.

If he see a scam or liars or crime, he chase the scene, he form the frame, he face immoral criminals for Americans.

He hears cries, he hears a scream, he feels fears of American ‘losers.’

Some feel him a fool or an oaf, as his form is immense!

Also, some Americans in chairs - in chains of fear - feel Moore forces fears.

Fools, morons in ease feel no fear - so, Moore’s films scare some, as he forces Americans - FACE REAL LIFE. FACE FEAR OR FAIL AS A REAL AMERICAN.




He is an American hero.

Some fear him, fear his films, as he remains in one’s face.

A main aim in life for him is for American life - free of malice, free of harm, fair, safe, clean.

His flow, his force is firm, CALM.

His charm is he cares, he shares, he is fair.

He seem a maniac; he has no fear of criminals, of scammers, of liars, of immoral fools.

As he frame a real scene in a close room, he snare a liar, scare a liar, air a moral.

His films scare liars, criminals, scammers, immoral fools.

His claim for fame is, he chase a crime, face a criminal, film a real scene of an immoral fool, free Americans from false fears.

In his films, Moore schools Americans.

In Moore’s real frames, Americans learn a scammer or a criminal can seem nice or sane.


Life in America is clean, remains safe if Americans form as a force - scream as one - face fears - chase liars, scammers, criminals or selfish, immoral fools.

Cool, man …

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Walter Elias ‘Walt’ Disney

Posted in Art / Photography, Names on December 9th, 2009 by admin – Be the first to comment

Walt trained in art, Walt drew, wends way.

Sweats, swelters. Sad.

Walt’s new art was seen as silly, as a waste - as less than ‘real’ art.

Walt was seen as WEIRD.

Walt’s art was seen as LEAST in art!!

Walt tried and tried.

Walt steal ideas? Yes?

At last Walt enters a new art arena - realised art.

Realised art is seen as slides - watery.

Still, Walt’s art was an aside.

Is art ‘art’ as it ends - a wall?

Is art ‘art’ as it ends - seen???

Walt sneers!

Let’s see!

At last, Walt’s art style is seen as swell!

It’s watery, it slides!




Realise, Walt is a STAR and Walt realised DEAR STARS in watery slides.

East and West see Walt’s art last and last as Walt’s STARS are a NEW TREND in art reality.

Well … Walt sews seeds in art and is seen as a leader.

All see Walt’s art ideas as ideal.

As Walt dies - eerie news. Tall tales? Lies? Denials?

Listen - Walt is in an eerie, still, eternal winter.

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Kurt Westergaard

Posted in Art / Photography, Names on November 28th, 2009 by admin – Be the first to comment

Regard art at stake as Desert East sees Kurt as a rude darer and a SEWER RAT.

Kurt’s art grates Desert East.


Kurt’s art rates STARS.

Kurt takes wages as Kurt draws art.

At Desert East, Kurt’s Grade-A West art rates as drek.

As Kurt’s art gets read, Desert East sees red.

West? AWE at Desert East RAGE STEW re: Kurt’s art.

Dues are great!! Dues are dear!!


Kurt start a sweat … Kurt ages … Kurt agrees.

Kurt gets guards.

Desert East wages WAR - regards Kurt as a turd, Kurt’s art as RUDE.

As Kurt draws, Kurt draws rare RAGE - Desert East - as we see Kurt’s art.

Desert East wages WAR as Kurt’s art takes great dare!

As Kurt dares, West regards Kurt’s art as great!

West rewards Kurt’s art.

West regards great art as a drawer’s ‘true.’

Desert East regards Kurt’s art as - treats Desert East as dust eaters, grease traders, ragers, art retards.

At Desert East, Kurt’s art skates a dark, raw edge.

West, Desert East ask Kurt - Kurt … a drug user?

We regard Kurt as a drug user, drug taker.

Art war - a waste.

At desert - water at stake! Seek water!

At Kurt’s area, Kurt see Desert East guest as user - greed.

Kurt see Kurt as a sage. Kurt rages.

Desert East regard Kurt as raw sewerage.

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Masahiro Sakurai

Posted in Art / Photography, Business, Names on August 30th, 2009 by admin – Be the first to comment

Masahiro, a shark, has a smirk.

Masahiro hums, has aura.

Ask him.

As a Samurai, Masahiro shirks airs.

His aim, his rash risk - Sora.

Sora soars.

A smash.

As a mass has Smash, Masahiro has sums.

Masahiro Sakurai is the Japanese developer of the Nintendo character Kirby. With his own company, Sora, Ltd., which works in partnership with Nintendo, he has developed Super Smash Bros Brawl.

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Anna Lou ‘Annie’ Leibovitz

Posted in Art / Photography, Names on August 29th, 2009 by admin – Be the first to comment

I love to live, to toil.

Vital. A zealot.

I love to love.

Volatile. Blue.

I avail a loan - A LOT.

Evil on it.

In an event Annie not able - Annie liable.

All in total Annie built, all in value - on lien.

Table a loan.

Bill Annie, all in vain.

A loan out.

Annie voluble.

No one believ_ Annie.

Lie, lie, lie.

Annie not able to alleviate it.

All vote no on Annie loan bail-out.

Until Annie nail it, label Annie a nit.

Annie’ll leave it alone.


A bot bent out on booze.

Eat a blintz.

A neat tale:

Annie Leibovitz. A loan, late.

A bane. A blot.

Leave it alone.

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